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Waste Separation Is Better After Being Collected

Waste Separation Machine Is More Effective

The separate collection of plastic waste (source separation) is less effective than the separating the plastic waste after the waste has been collected (post separation). It could be much better afterwards separated by a machine than man. Moreover, the post separation of waste pretty cheap.

Plastic Hero

In the Netherlands, with the "Plastic Hero" is not at all what is thought the goal. Besides the savings that the post separation yields are further adding to the cost of any campaign conducted in the context of "love for environment". Strangely enough, we just go through, and while we know that continuing it only increase the burden for environment.

Review Needed

The goal in 2012 to collect 42 percent of our garbage by means of separation should immediately be re-evaluated. The test in the province Limburg of the Netherlands (16 municipalities) proves that proceeding was held pointless and only lead to destruction of money. It has been very remarkable that there was not a thorough evaluation before the road of separate collection was begun.

From 6.3 To 19 Kilogram

The post separation gives also a type of automatic sorting of the plastic so it can be optimally processed. The process of the post divorce (kg of plastic per capita) is nowhere as high in the Netherlands. It is also very effective, making the extra environment is relieved. With tests whereas the citizens separate the plastic from the waste is 6.3 kilograms per capita collected. The trial in the province Limburg yielded 19 kilograms of plastic per capita.

Pronunciation Official Jan Bormans

It is 3 times as much plastic separated if we do the separation afterwards. It seems that the message of the Official Jan Bormans, the initiator of the pilot in 16 municipalities in the province Limburg, better during the TV advertising can be shown. "Plastic waste can better separated" is the official slogan, well that is true!

Food for Thought

Just to think about: Where post separation gives 19 kilogram per capita collected while source separation gives 6.3 kilogram how can we ever meet the European requirement for 42% of the plastic to be recycled. Suppose that 19 kilogram is 100 % (practical value is much lower), then there would be a source separation of up to 33% maximum possible!

February 2010

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