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Why The Hague is not the Capital City of The Netherlands

Captital City of Province South Holland

The Hague is the provincial capital of the province South Holland. The Hague is not, as many people might think, the capital city of the Netherland. That is Amsterdam.

Government Seat

Although The Hague is not the capital city it do is the seat of the government. Also our Queen Beatrix have her palace located in The Hague.

Large Forrest

The land along the coast, behind the sand dunes were not to any economic value since there were no rivers and no natural harbour. It was a died out area containing large forested area's. Due to this animals had populated this area.

Hunting Residence

Around a sweet water pond Floris IV, count of Holland, build a hunting resicence. Later on the residence was extende to a palace bij William II and completed by Floris V. All cities in Holland had there own police and courts and The Hague became a place to meet on neutral ground.

Louis Napoleon

From its start The Hague was not a city and had no rights to have its onw police and court. When Napoleon planned to visit The Hague he did not want to slip in a village and in 1806 Den Hague was declared to receice the city rights.

World First Ever Peace Conference

The world's first peace conference took place in The Hague in 1899 when The Hague became the "international city of peace and justice". After the establishment of the League of Nations, The Hague became the seat of the Permanent Court of International Justice, which was replaced by the UN's International Court of Justice after the Second World War.

February 2010

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